Food festival for the kids!

Food festival for the kids

Free entrance - Learning by doing - Come along and have some fun at the Food Festival for the Kids!

At Trøndersk Food Festival we have a separate area for kids age 2-12, with lots of activities under the motto, ‘learning by doing.’ For the kids a bit older, age 13 and up we have a separate Youth Food Festival Camp.

The activities for the kids and youth will be happening all throughout the opening hours of the food festival. These events have become very popular, and last year 3000 children actively participated. The activities are sponsored by the seafood industry on the islands of Hitra and Frøya, Blått Kompetansesenter, which is a company that works with innovation, education and research in marine industries, various seafood companies and the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Wanna be a seafood agent?

Here you’ll get the opportunity to become a Seafood Agent. You’ll get your own certificate on a key chain with a ‘licence to fish’ for the islands of Hitra and Frøya.  

The smolt aquarium: From egg to fish

Follow the salmon’s journey from being an egg to hathing into a fish! Salmon start out as tiny eggs. If the water is warm, the growth cycle happens fast. In cold water it takes a bit longer. The first thing you see are two tiny black dots inside the egg, that the salmon’s eyes. After some time the egg hatches and you have a small salmon larvae, and from there it grows into becoming a big fish. If you stop by the seafood tent at the festival every day you’ll get to follow along in the ‘salmon kindergarden’, and you’ll learn about the biology og salmon and the processes that happen in the aquarium.

Shellfish Aquarium

Have a look at the shellfish aquarium and get to know some of the fascinating creatures that live here in the ocean around Trondheim! The aquarium has shallow water so you’ll get to touch and smell living ocean beings such as mussels, crabs, langoustines, starfish, snails and lots of other species treading our waters.

Create and eat your own 5 course fish menu

Here you get to make five different dishes made from seafood. When you have five stamps from all five dishes you get a diploma! 

Cute little fish cakes: Here you’ll be making fish cakes together with experienced chefs and creative apprentices. First you have to fillet the fish and then make fish cake batter, then you shape little fish cakes that you fry in the pan. The chefs will share their fish cake recipe with you so maybe this is something you can try at home?

Crab salad: Make your own crab salad and eat so much that you start walking sideways.

Sashimi and raw marinated salmon: Raw salmon has a different texture than cooked salmon, but it tastes really yummy.

Salmon Taco: You’ve probably eaten lots of tacos, but have you tried a salmon taco? Here you get to mix salmon with a variety of ingredients and make the best taco in the world!

Treasure Chest of the Sea: We have gathered treasures from the sea! Here we are baking fish, mussels and vegetables in packets of foil. Put your favourite treasures from the sea into the foil treasure chest!