Fresh Bread and Ripened Cheese

13. AUG
­ 16 - 22

The Grocery Store Museum delivers memories over the counter in authentic surroundings. On Sundays in July you could experience the museum and enjoy coffee, juice, Kalsen biscuit and pastries. We also run a pub when we arrange concerts. During Trøndelag Food Festival we serve local food under the brand 'Fresh Bread and Ripened Cheese'. All takes place in a unique atmosphere.

'Fresh Bread and Ripe Cheese' is prepared in our own oven in the basement where cheese from the dairy were stored hundred years ago. On the menu you find local food such as sourdough bread baked from flour based on old grain varieties from Gullimunn, Granstubb cheese from Gangstad Farm Diary, cheese from Munkeby Monastery, jam made of rhubarb from our own garden, flatbread from Rognli Farm and Cured Sausages from Berg Farm and Inderøy Slakteri. This buffet for NOK 200,- is payed in advance by VIPPS to 701306. In addition you could order Kalsen Beer brewed at Inderøy Craft Brewery, Aquavit no 1 distilled at Inderøy Distillery, as well as non-alcoholic drinks such as mint tee from our own herb garden. The food and drinks are served in the garden at the Grocery Store Museum in Venneshamn under the tall threes just a few meters from the fjord. In case of rainy weather, the food is served in the basement, the charming cheese rom, or in the authentic Grocery Store Museum.