The food capital of Trondheim

Home of Nordic Flavours

You can look forward to experiencing Norway’s number one food capital, with culinary delights in line like pearls on a string. Trondheim has world class restaurants, the best hotel breakfast in Norway, and chefs and servers with both national and world championship titles. 
What is served on your plate is the best from the farmer, the freshest from the scallop scuba diver, and the hottest out of the oven from the baker. These are the makers who don’t compromise on quality. They know the ocean, the soil and the mountains so well that they know what it takes to be able to produce world-class ingredients.

In the city these producers meet the chefs, who are the ones creating the culinary masterpieces. They have travelled out into the world and apprenticed and worked at some of the world’s leading restaurants, and afterwards they have returned to their home of Trondheim where they have established their own restaurants. Here they put the food produced in the region of Trøndelag at the center of their creations. For the Trondheim visitor is this a unique opportunity to experience the flavors all the way ‘from earth, and sea, to table.

At the end of July every year the city of Trondheim bursts into celebratory mode when three festivals convene; The Trøndelag Food Festival, Trondheim Brewery Festival, and Olavsfest. You get to experience over 250 food- and beverage exhibitors, artisans and stalls, lots of activities for kids and youth, cooking contests, award shows and an unbeatable great vibe.





Kraft Bodega

While taking in the view of the Brattøra dock and the Trondheim Fjord you get to enjoy food inspired by the big world, using local ingredients and often served on the plate with a touch of humor.

Les mer