Namdalen - from the coast to the mountains

Vast Lands and Wild Flavours

Namdalen is a region to the north in the county of Trøndelag. Here you can go fishing off the coast or take your fly fishing rod and go inland to the salmon river Namsen. This river is the home of the biggest salmon in all of Norway. In Namdalen you can try wild flavours such as salmon, reindeer, deer and moose. The lands here are vast and is home to three national parks. There is forest for hundreds of miles, and you can attend an eagle safari or a beaver safari, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can do bear tracking. This is rough and primal nature as far as the eye can see.

In Rørvik you can enjoy delicious dinners of haddock and cod from the sea. You can visit The Coast Museum and learn about the fishing history along the Namdal Coast. You can taste local specialties from the coast, like smoked salmon, gravlox, dried and salted cod, and famous fish cakes.

From the mountains of Namdal you can have juniper smoked Arctic Char, or how about whey-fermented Arctic Char, a specialty of the region and found nowhere else. Then you have sauna-smoked ham, pork, moose, organic lamb, sausages, or how about a Libab – a reindeer kebab. There is also award-winning cheese in this region, named after the big mountains of Børgefjell, or ‘the old man Erik’. 

From the coast you can travel and have coffee and freshly baked goods at Børstad Farm in Høylandet. From there you can go to Jørem Farm in Grong, which is an old guest house for fishing and hunting by the river Namsen. From here you can travel to Lierne and the mountains, where you can have homemade food at Li-Verten

As far north as you can go in Trøndelag is Leka, which has been designated a UNESCO Global Geopark as well as Norway’s National Geological Monument, because of all the rare rock formations here. The geological formations show a better cross section of the ocean floor crust than any other place in the world.